DC has been making waves for the past few years with DC Direct and figures and statues, developed for collectors, and  Mattel’s DC Multiverse line centered around general consumers. Up until the Multiverse series, Mattel seemed to lack in their quality, and still lacks overall in recent years. People are not happy with Mattel, and apparently, DC feels the same way as they have struck a new deal with McFarlane Toys, a brand from Todd McFarlane that specializes in accuracy and detail for both the collectors and the general consumers. This deal through Warner Bros. Consumer Products, with McFarlane Toys, comes hot off news that McFarlane would be handling Warner’s Harry Potter franchise toys. The deal is said to roll out over the year 2020 with 6″ and 12″ figures from DC’s Multiverse, which hosts a stable of DC’s characters from comics, movies, video games, and animation.

While McFarlane has worked on DC and Marvel comics as an artist and writer, he has never been able to secure a toy deal with either company. In 1994 he launched McFarlane toys with a mission to great better quality and more realistic toys. Since creating the company he has dreamed of working with the big three, DC, Marvel, and Lucas. McFarlane has done it all with properties including, Stranger Things, Destiny, Fortnite, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and countless others. Now, this hard work seems to be paying off as a three-year deal gives him a chance to live that dream out.

Every toy fair I walk around and think to myself, ‘Am I the only human being that makes toys who hasn’t had a crack at Star Wars, Marvel or the DC stuff?,” McFarlane tells SYFY WIRE. “You walk around and see that almost everyone else in the building has figured out how to carve those licenses up, so now you’re even seeing Star Wars hamster sweaters, which is apparently a thing.

With more than 20 years in the toy business, McFarlane is eager to begin work with DC, but the question that remains, is what does he plan on doing with this line? We will have to wait and see, as while Todd McFarlane says there have not been any characters or designs picked or finalized as of yet. However, McFarlane does promise that his company and DC will come up with a line soon enough and it will be one we can all get behind.

We’ll go about it the same way anyone would, really. If I handed you the license, who would you choose? Hopefully, there would be an 80 percent overlap in the characters I would choose and you would choose, then we’d pick those five to 10 characters to do for sure,” McFarlane says. “We’ll mix in some new characters that have grown in stature, say, for instance, Aquaman with his hit movie, and take a look with what’s happening in pop culture and the publishing end of things as well.

While he admits that DC would probably look to knock out two bird in one stone such as Injustice Superman, or Earth: One Wonder Woman, there’s one rule he is following through with as his only concern is to make a high-quality product for both collectors and general consumers.

First and foremost, it’s gotta look cool,” he says. “But it would be a chance to deliver a key character while giving it a look that another group of people might like as well.

Since the deal is new, McFarlane says the talk with DC and Warner Bros. are ongoing as they try to flesh out what stable of characters they’ll likely try to create this year.

I think down the line is where the fun beings,” he says. “Maybe sometime later we do a McFarlane Batman. I don’t know if it’s been attempted but I’m the only one who knows that those capes are supposed to be doing.

No doubt there is an impact for his toy company with this new deal, and McFarlane agrees, saying that it is a “very big deal.”

There are only a few evergreen properties and DC is one of them. We’re just looking to make each toy interesting and dip into our bag of tricks as we move forward. We’ve had a couple of lucky breaks over the past few years. Maybe, if I do a good job with DC, I’ll get a call from the folks at Lucasfilm.

That being said, what characters and variations would you like to see from McFarlane, and which would you rather they avoid? Have you been displeased with Mattel as of late, or have you been enjoying their DC Multiverse work? Sound off in the comments, and don’t forget to Subscribe by Email for updates on all the upcoming releases from DC, Warner, and McFarlane.


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