Ubisoft’s Massive Failure – UPDATED

Since the release of Ubisoft Massive’s The Division, many glitches and exploits have plagued the game. These glitches and exploits vary from at times funny and others a nuisance; to game breaking. Since the latest major update things have escalated from flat out cheaters gaining up to one million DPS to one shot players of all ranks and steal their gear within the dark zone to players exploiting a poorly made mission called Falcon Lost which was the main attraction of this update being a new game mode. The problem is the level was broken from the start and has repeatedly been patched only to have to be patched again the next day. Nearly every day the servers are shut down to do so.
In response to public demand that something must be done, Massive has overlooked the root problem and has decided that they are going to issue bans. First warning 3 days. Second and final permanent.
While the bans and the exploits are an issue both are also required. The problem boils down to Massive. It doesn’t matter if they are exploiting or not, you failed to make the game right. And now we who’ve payed for your game are suffering because of it.
Let me ask you this? If this Incursion is so hard that not even Ubisoft themselves completed it. (how the hell does that even work? Do you even understand what your job is?) Then how do you expect us to do it. The amount of time that needs to be put into the game to get the gear to do so is insanely unreasonable. This is a game, not a job. People have lives and even the most hardcore gamers don’t have the time or patience for that. And now the next incursion has a required gear level of 200. Keep in mind that it is not even the recommended level. Also keep in mind that those who have well over the recommended still have a hard time beating the them. So the only way to beat the next incursion is to repeatedly beat the current and nearly impossible incursion. Does that make any fucking sense at all?!
Of course people are going to exploit it. The game literally gives you nothing you could use unless you grind out weeks of play time and buy it with insane amounts of phoenix credits and then you still are not strong enough to move on to the next stage. The gear you get from the first incursion follows suit by at max just barely getting you over the recommended level.
So in conclusion it’s your bad coding, your bad testing and your bad game balancing; but you want to blame those who do what they must to get the game they paid for?
Do not mistake my stance. I do think that this is wrong and does put people at a disadvantage; especially when they are banning people making those who are already at a disadvantage even more so. However, I do not support the ban of exploiters; they should simply have their characters erased. At the same time, I do support the ban of players using glitches in PvP Dark Zone such as 1 million DPS and others like it.


In the end it comes down to Massive being a massive failure. Get your shit together and do it right or pack your shit and find a new career.

Ubisoft issued a retraction to the ban “Punishment” stating that “Too many people have participated”.
Heres a couple ideas. 1. fix your game 2. allow us to fix it for you.

Plenty of games allow you to openly mod and break the code for your own benefit.

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