VICTOR AND VALENTINO Lined Up for 2018 Release on Cartoon Network

Now officially slated for a 2018 release date, the new cartoon Victor and Valentino is just a few short months away from premiering on Cartoon Network. Created by Diego Molano and set in the small fictional town of Monte Macabre, the show will follow the titular half-brothers as they stay with their grandmother and have supernatural adventures related to Latin American myths and folklore.


The original pilot for the show was uploaded to YouTube on November 1st, 2016, and it set up the framework for the future cartoon. Helping at their grandmother’s taco shop, the fighting Victor and Valentino are quickly sidetracked from their work because of an oddly-colored chihuahua. Chasing the dog down they both fall into a mystical portal and find themselves in the Realm of the Dead. The chihuahua, Achi, is a resident of the realm, and he tells them that to escape, they have to finish the maze of the Keepers of the Dead. Valentino wants no part in it, but Victor is excited at the prospect of playing a new game. There is a catch though. If they don’t win by death o’clock, then they themselves die and become part of the realm. As they make their way through the maze they’re offered help by an item-touting chupacabra, but instead of choosing any of the many helpful maps out of the maze, Victor chooses a luchador mask because it looks cool, which angers Valentino.


After facing more trials, Victor’s numerous mistakes get them sent back to the entrance, which causes a fight between the two brothers that wasted their remaining time. With death o’clock striking, Valentino is turned into one of the dead, and in a last-ditch effort to save him, Victor throws their remaining tacos at the Keepers. One lands in one’s mouth and is delighted at their tastiness. Victor tells them that Valentino made them, and the Keepers surprised, agree to let them go in exchange for the recipe and some churros. The boys reconcile in Monte Macabre, and before they get back to making tacos they make an amazing discovery: the mask Victor got from the chupacabra allows them to see the supernatural. This includes their grandmother, who appears to be a floating deity. The pilot was released to positive acclaim, with it having over 750k views and almost 5,000 comments. The only other bit of information available is in the form of a clip released on YouTube on July 21st, 2018. In it, we see Victor and Valentino fighting a magical fox-like creature as they attempt to seal it back inside what appears to be a small pinata. The creature, however, is too quick, and it uses a variety of tricks to keep the boys at bay. The clip ends before any real resolution occurs.

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Everything that we know about the cartoon so far we can see from the two released videos. One major thing to note, however, is that the art direction in the short clip seems remarkably similar to the pilot. Whenever an animated pilot gets greenlit for a full series the characters and world usually go through a redesign as the creator works to simplify designs and solidify the look of the show. ‘Victor and Valentino’ appears to break this mold by keeping its original look and making very little, if any, changes. Another point to mention is that that the show has kept its lighthearted feel. Even when things get dire in the clip, it still has fun with itself and keeps the visual gags running. However, even though we know some things, most things we can only speculate on. For instance, how will the show be set up? Will it go the current route that cartoons are going with two 11-minute episodes per thirty-minute block, or will it be one full 22-minute episode? Will the series be episodic or have an overlapping arc? Maybe its a combination of the two? Will it only be a series of misadventures similar to Teen Titans GO!, or can we expect to see clever themes and ideas being explored here? With the reveal of the boys’ grandma being some sort of Latin American spirit or deity, there’s definitely an element of mystery to the show, but we don’t know if it’ll have a lasting impact on a potential narrative or if it’s just a throwaway gag.


There are many reasons to be excited for Victor and Valentino. For starters, even though show creator Diego Molano is a relative newcomer to the industry, he has a history of work that includes animation work in the cult-hit Black Dynamite. The show also has a different atmosphere compared to other current cartoons, as it takes inspiration from Latin American culture, myths, and designs, giving it a unique flavor all its own. There are few shows out there that represent Latin American culture, and seeing one on a popular animation network is a great way to add diversity and variety for viewers. Lastly, the show just appears to be a fun time. Even with death on the line, the show gives viewers funny jokes, endearing characters, and creative visuals and designs. It might be new to the game, but Victor and Valentino’ is shaping up to be an adventure all its own.


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Source: Cartoon Network

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