This year for E3, The Nerd Hub is expanding its coverage beyond our usual social media news with recaps of what stood out to us for each of the major press conferences, as well as, a Special Edition Podcast to recap everything E3 2017. First up once again was EA, who after suffering for a couple of years, rebounded quite well last year and continued to improve this year.  EA showcased an array of titles including Battlefield, Madden, Fifa, and more; but what really stood out with us was the seemingly impressive display for NBA Live’18, the unique and intriguing new IP, A Way Out, and the explosive return to the Need For Speed franchise with Payback, as well as, the seemingly redeemed Battlefront franchise with the massive sequel, and even the small teaser for a new IP called Anthem; of which we will see more on during the Microsoft press conference later on today.




          The first thing we will cover is this new IP going by the name of Anthem.  Now, this game looks interesting so far with an obvious dystopian future theme, but with a menacing “Beyond the wall” plot where it seems you will face anything from monsters to extreme weather storms, to possibly even various rogue factions. The trailer showcases Mech Suits, Poverty, and Terror.  Several years ago, the Executive Producer of the Mass Effect’s original trilogy, Casey Hudson, formed a new team at BioWare Edmonton and began work on an entirely new project that up until now has been referred to as ‘Dylan’.  According to Kotaku, the name came from the goal to make the Bob Dylan of games – A game to be talked about for ages.  The game is far from finished and will be aimed for a release of 2019.  It is also said to be a social-action build, which would compare to the likes of Destiny and The Division.

A Way Out


          The next game we will be looking into is my personal favorite from the conference, A Way Out.  The thing that catches me the most is the dying breed of couch gaming co-op.  Not only does this game utilize this feature, but it relies on it with a mandatory two player experience, whether on your couch or online; A Way Out offers a unique gameplay experience hat many fans have been beckoning for years, but with an updated way of doing it.  This game is played out via split screen no matter where you are or what you are doing separate of your partner.  You can be walking around while your partner is watching an activated cut scene on the other side of the screen.  The game also offers a cool and compelling plot formed around a prison break fueled by redemption and revenge.  The game is very much so story driven but will host exploration, driving, and action regardless.  A Way Out is set for an early 2018 release by Hazelight and studio founder Josef Fares.

NBA Live ’18

          The third game we’re going to take a look at today is NBA Live ’18.  The NBA Live franchise was a glorious title for decades until its demise in 2010 after fans made the switch to the 2K franchise more and more with each year since 2007.  In 2014, NBA Live was revived and released for through 2016 but was still a step behind NBA 2K.  EA took a break from the yearly releases to restructure the game entirely.  Now coming off of a year where 2K fans were disappointed and frustrated with the series, Live looks to explode back onto the scene with reworked mechanics and animations, which are some things it lacked upon its revival.  Live also looks to bring their version of a My Career whilst tying in their version of My Park into its reward system.  The game looks very promising and is no doubt intended to take the crown from NBA 2K.

Need Fro Speed: Payback

          Also returning to the scene after a years hiatus is the legendary Need For Speed franchise, with its latest installment; Payback.  Another franchise that lost its step and decided to take a step away and return to its roots with the 2015 ‘Need For Speed’ reboot that was underwhelming to most, but to some like myself, very enjoyable and a refreshing change with a familiar feel.  However, this year the franchise seemingly looks to combine the classic driving narrative that ‘Need For Speed’ has always been known for, with the wild exploration and variety of The Crew and Forza, as well as, the explosive and over the top action of Fast and Furious.  The game looks very fun, as well as, exhilarating.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

          The last game we will be looking at s the one we saw most of coming into E3, which is the massive sequel to the disappointing Battlefront reboot.  We already know that the game will host an original Campaign that will tie into continuity between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, and will host several playable characters as well as host a larger co-op initiative.  The game will not only host more than three times the content of its predecessor but will include a free season of content.  The space battles now have larger focus with a completely redesigned flight system and air to ground battles.  The game mechanics have been completely revamped, and class and streak systems have been built.  Battlefront II will cover all eras including the upcoming Last Jedi.  What E3 did bring to the table was a live gameplay match showcasing the game and from what we can see the game looks to be a major improvement over the previous installment.

From what we saw at the EA press conference, there seems to be much potential in the upcoming years. It really seems that EA is continuing to listen to the fans and give them what they want. If they keep this up they will be back on top in no time. Next up we will cover Microsoft’s press conference and revisit Anthem, as well as, Bethesda’s press conference which stole the show last year. Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow our Facebook page for all of the E3 Coverage first.

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Written and Edited by, Jack Flowers