Video Game Spotlight: E3 Coverage – Bethesda Recap, Highlights & Trailers

This year for E3, The Nerd Hub is expanding its coverage beyond our usual social media news with recaps of what stood out to us for each of the major press conferences, as well as, a Special Edition Podcast to recap everything E3 2017.  The next showcase was Bethesda, who came off strong last year giving Sony a run for the top spot and was expected to be a safe bet this year once again.  Bethesda came out with a slew of reveals including what looks to be a Dishonored stand alone, Quake Champions and the E-Sports confirmation, as well as, several additions to their already thriving titles; but what stood out to us is what we will be highlighting here today along with the trailers for those who have yet to see them.

Creation Club


          The first thing we want to highlight is the Creation Club.  Bethesda has always been a big modding supporter and has even brought modding to consoles with Skyrim Definitive and Fallout 4.  The two big takeaways from the Creation Club however, is the new ease that comes with console mods in a new in-game overlay much like Ubisoft Club, which will allow you to start up the game and download the mods from the menu; as well as, the new ease on the creators side.  Bethesda is now going to work with top modders to ensure a proper transition of mods from PC to consoles allowing more mods than ever before on consoles.

Skyrim on Switch


          The next big thing to come from Bethesda this year is the Skyrim port to the Nintendo Switch.  This is big for the Nintendo Switch as it not only brings a huge AAA title to the console, but it opens the doors for other companies and even more titles from Bethesda.  This stands out most of all because it actually looks good.  Both the graphics and the gameplay are promising and a big win for the Nintendo Switch.  What really stands out though, is a Nintendo Switch Exclusive mod that allows you to place characters into the game via Amiibo figures.  This is not only a plus for this gam,e but a plus for all games, as this is a mod feature that creators can instill in their games to give the Nintendo Switch and added sell point. This is undoubtedly a game to look out for.

Fallout 4 VR and Doom ‘VFR’


          Another great thing Bethesda is bringing to the table is their work in VR. This is the first AAA company to not only invest into the VR with passion but to invest multiple titles into the VR.  They are also bringing Fallout and Doom in full to the Virtual ‘Fucking’ Reality. This is another first for VR and a  major sell for another new chapter of gaming.

The Evil Within 2

          Next up on the highlights is the return to The Evil Within franchise in a sequel that looks twice as terrifying and twice as stunning as the original.  With a game that severely under performed overall, but yet found a cult following; there is no doubt that Bethesda has taken what was right and expanded on it in new ways and seemingly took what was wrong and threw it out.  This game looks to promise more landscape and color, more terror and emotion, and more enjoyment all around.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

          The final highlight of the Bethesda Showcase is the return to the World War gone wrong scenario that has been a strong fan favorite for years.  The trailer for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus looks stunning and sprawling with landscape and narrative.  The story of the Nazis winning continues in america as they look to revolt and take their home back in this must play for any FPS story fan.

In the end, Bethesda shows that they are still the pioneers of gaming that they have always been by returning to E-Sports with the game that started it all, in Quake Champions, continuing their crusade in the modding community, launching into VR more than any company has yet to do, continuing with original and creative narratives, taking a leap into another nearly uncharted territory to help a fellow gaming company succeed and bring fans new ways of playing their beloved favorites.  Perhaps the best thing about their showcase is the fact that everything they showed is available by years end.  Bethesda trusts its fans and the fans no doubt trust Bethesda.  They have proven that gaming hasn’t gone to shit.

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Written and Edited By, Jack Flowers

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