Video Game Spotlight: E3 Coverage – Xbox Recap, Highlights & Trailers

This year for E3, The Nerd Hub is expanding its coverage beyond our usual social media news with recaps of what stood out to us for each of the major press conferences, as well as, a Special Edition Podcast to recap everything E3 2017.  Next up is the Xbox Briefing, where they showcased a slew of new titles including Dragonball Fighter Z, Life is Strange: Before The Storm, Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2, as well as, several new hardware and features releases.  While most of the entries that stood out for us were not Xbox exclusives, they are in fact what stood out.  So, we are going to showcase our top 5 highlights of the Xbox Briefing and give you a chance to view them for yourselves if you haven’t seen them already.

Assassins Creed: Origins


          Assassins Creed returns with an all new build incorporating a clean display and RPG style combat in a landscape that looks to offer more variety than every before.  Jungles, rivers and swamps; towering cities and exotic paradises.  This installment of the franchise brings an opportunity to cover more lore than any that has come before.  This was the one that stood out for me personally as the top showcase.  The game is set to release later this year as reported and is sure to be a must play with a reinvention that left ‘AC’ fans around the world stunned.

Metro: Exodus

          Metro returns with with a sandbox survival adventure in their “most ambitious” installment yet by the name of Exodus.  The metro series has been a franchise to continuously surprise many players with its signature gameplay styles including wacky weapons, light and shade cover systems, lighters and gas masks as tools and means of survival and so much more.  This year we see giant beasts falling off of cliffs seemingly because the user lead them there, as well as, trains and zip lines; but what stood out the most is the clean air and lack of gas mask reliance.  This installment seems to promise some major changes for the franchise and is one to look out for.

Xbox One X

          The biggest non game title reveal for Xbox was what was formerly known as Project Scorpio.  The now titled Xbox One X takes the Microsoft resources and creates all new systems to bring the fans what they are looking for all the way to the core and ends up doing so with the “smallest and most powerful console to date”.  This no doubt is good news for Xbox fans who have been anxiously awaiting the reveal.  The console  is available for pre-order now and will sell for 499.99 USD.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

          The next game we found to stand out above the rest is Middle Earth: Shadow of War, the sequel to fan favorite , Shadow of Mordor. This installment looked to take favorite features of the previous title and expand on them in new ways including commanding you army through engulfed fortresses.  We also will now see a much larger map and many more tribes.  The lore speaks for itself being one the all time greatest fantasy lore’s out there, so the story will no doubt be something to see, but we know that direct connection to its predecessor has been instilled.


          The final game that stands tall for us is Bioware’s Anthem.  This game comes from the original Mass Effect trilogy’s executive producer Casey Hudson and is engineered as a social-action game much like Destiny and The Division.  The game also feels much like Destiny, as well as, Horizon: Zero Dawn and  of course, Mass Effect, all in one.  We saw several classes of presumably upgradeable mechanized suits as well as a sprawling, dense and exotic landscape with ruins, jungles and mountains. There will be monsters and robots of various sorts and will heavily feature flight, including under water.  Another notable feature was a weather storm system which seemingly features several types of storms and degrees of which they come presumably each bringing its own hazards.  Which ever way this game plays out in the end, this is a title that will undoubtedly end up as a mega hit.

The Xbox had a lot to show fans, but the down side is that not much of their own products stood out because almost nothing was shown for those titles, let alone something new, and the majority of the briefing showcased indies.  That wouldn’t be a bad thing if they didn’t waste ten minutes and show us nothing at all, and to make it worse, do so with a game nobody cares about; all while giving us two seconds in a montage for games that actually looked good.  All in all, while the briefing was an average showing, none of their major showcases were their own and for me, they take the big L so far.

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Written and Edited By, Jack Flowers

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