It’s a great time to be a fan of animation. Pixar has had a monster hit last year with Incredibles 2, which raked in over $1.2 billion globally, and they’re coming out with a new addition to their much beloved Toy Story franchise, but other studios aren’t about to be outdone. Dreamworks has the finale in their How to Train Your Dragon production coming out this February, and Illumination is releasing a new entry into their The Secret Life of Pets series. In amidst all these anticipated films Warner Bros. is making sure they’re not being forgotten, with a slew of new movies coming out from their stellar animation house. This studio has made such hits as Superman: Doomsday and Batman: Under the Red Hood, and they’re looking to expand on those films with a few more based on some iconic series’.

Superman: Red Son

The first movie that we’ll be looking at from Warner Brothers Animation, will be Superman: Red Son. Conceived by writer Mark Millar when he was just 13, with art by Killian Plunkett and Dave Johnson and published by DC in 2003, the 3 part mini-series follows a Superman who’s raised not by John and Martha Kent, but by 1950’s Russians during the Cold War. As such, he grows up on a collective and becomes a symbol of communist Russian ideology and a champion of her people, bringing him into conflict with Batman, Wonder Woman, and even Lex Luthor. This would be a great storyline to bring to life, as seeing Superman fighting against our favorite heroes heralding a different way of thinking would be fascinating. The movie would also be able to comment on Cold War paranoia, and give viewers a chance to reexamine beloved characters from a completely different light. Some of the cast has been announced, and they include Anna Vocino (Batman: The Killing Joke), Amy Acker (Dollhouse), Jason Isaacs (Star Wars Rebels), Diedrich Bader (Justice League Action), and Jim Ward (Wolverine and the X-Men). No release date has been announced at this time, however.

Batman: The Long Halloween

The next film we’ll be checking out is Batman: The Long Halloween. Originally published in 1996 and written by Jeph Loeb with art by Tim Sale, the film follows Bruce Wayne’s first two years as Batman and describes how the Five Families, those who ran all of the organized crime in Gotham, fell to a rise of new super-villains taking power. There’s also focus on how Batman formed partnerships with GCPD’s Jim Gordon and DA Harvey Dent, and we see Batman’s first real villain in a mysterious criminal named Holiday, a killer who’s taking out members of the Five Families, but only on major holidays. Much like how 2012’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns was initially a two-part entry, it seems like Warner Bros. is going in the same direction with this one as well, separating it into two parts. There’s been no confirmed actors for the films yet, but some of the rumored actors haven’t been in any of the other DC Animated Cinematic Universe, suggesting that this one will be a standalone title like 2016’s The Killing Joke. Some names that have been rumored though have been, most notably, Troy Baker (Batman vs. Robin), Jensen Ackles (Supernatural), Katee Sackhoff (Batman: Year One), Jim Pirri (Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay), Matthew Gray Gubler (All-Star Superman), Fred Tatasciore (The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes), and Amy Landecker (Trollhunters). A release date of 2020 is being projected for this two-parter, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet either.

Mortal Kombat

Lastly, it appears that Warner Bros. is making an animated Mortal Kombat movie, with Joel McHale (Community) set to star in some unknown role, although rumors have him voicing Johnny Cage. This movie is apparently very early in development, as there isn’t even any real information regarding the story yet. However, we do know that there is a list of potential actors for the film, including Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) who could be voicing Sonya Blade, Kevin Michael Richardson (Justice League vs. The Fatal Five), Fred Tatasciore (The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes), Robin Atkin Downes (Disenchantment), and Steve Blum (Transformers: Prime). No release date has been confirmed.

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While it appears that all three of these films are still a ways away from now, there’s definitely things to be excited about. With such iconic DC stories being adapted, fans will finally be able to see some of their favorite superhero tales brought to life. And an animated Mortal Kombat movie sounds like quite the no-brainer, as animation can get across the series’ signature blood and gore without it feeling out of place or too gratuitous. All-in-all, there’s a lot to look forward to with these upcoming projects, and we’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date as information develops.

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So what do you think? Are you excited for any (or possibly none) of these releases? Why? And if you could adapt any DC story for an animated movie, what would it be? Leave your opinions and comments down below, and be sure to stay tuned for updates on further developments; Subscribe by Email.


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