For months the demand for a Women’s Tag Team Championships set has been echoed throughout, with a stacked women’s division, and a need for these women to find purpose on the roster. The WWE has gone through some concepts for belts, but finally settled on one recently, and unveiled them during a Monday Night RAW‘s segment of A Moment of Bliss. Alexa, also revealed at this time that the first champions would be crowned at Elimination Chamber on February 17th, 2019. The chamber would play host to six tag teams, three from RAW, and three from Smackdown Live. While the rules have not been explained, it seems that the teams would be locked away and released from their respect pods together, and in turn, would likely be eliminated as a whole with any member of a said team suffering a pinfall or submission. There are quite a few teams that can be considered to hold these titles, but if you read my WRESTLE THOUGHTS | 6 Must-See Creative Changes For WWE In 2019 post from a couple weeks ago, you would know that I already have a roadmap for these titles in mind. However, that’s not why we are here today. Today, we take a look at each team that could possibly be involved in the monumental event, breakdown where each team stands heading in, and where they could be seen going heading down the road. Most importantly, we have a dilemma of RAW having an overabundance of options, and Smackdown having a lack thereof. So without any more hesitation, let’s get down to it.

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3 Teams From Monday Night RAW

Now Raw has four potential teams in The Bella Twins, The Boss and Hug Connection (Bayley and Sasha Banks), Riott Squad (Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan), and the Somoan Dynasty (Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka). Only three teams can make it in, and the decisive factor will come down to the results of Royal Rumble.

First and foremost is the longest running women’s tag team in the WWE. Nikki and Brie Bella are two of the longest reigning competitors in the current WWE roster and hands down deserve to be the inaugural Women’s Tag Team Champions. Not only are the most deserving, but there is no better team to put over help put over a fresh team of talents such as Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. They are also veteran ring performers who could not only help elevate a green team that’s on the rise, but they could also put on a Wrestlemania worthy matchup with a couple of stars like The Boss and Hug Connection for example. I don’t see any other better team to win these titles and therefore any team more worthy of a spot in the Elimination Chamber. I would be seriously mind blown if they are not on the card.

Next up is the second most likely team to find themselves on the card, which is Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka. These two are WWE royalty and a strong presence to the Tag Team division. Neither of which has a current ongoing run, but are both coming off an apparent push effort. While I don’t see them being in the legitimate contenders for at four to five months, they no doubt would solidify this match and would help keep their momentum strong enough to last until their time. Making them the fourth team to hold the titles would be an optimal strategy as it would not only be the best place for them in the order of opportunities, but it would help provide them a reason to unleash an all on devastating onslaught on the division.

Here is where the Royal Rumble results come into play, or maybe not. You would think that if Sasha dethrones Rousey their team would be null and void in this card in order to give Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan a strong push, but these two are some of the best talents that the WWE has ever had, and they might just put them in there to add prestige to the matchup. I honestly wouldn’t even be surprised if they made Sasha a double champion, making her the first woman to ever do so if I’m not mistaken. Personally, while I would like to see this, I don’t want it to happen at Elimination Chamber. In fact, I believe this team is best held as the second challenger to the Bella’s behind Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, but also the second team to hold the belts. If Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville engage in a feud with the Bella’s it would provide a sufficient push for them, but with The Boss and Hug Connection succeeding where they could not, a beautiful rivalry littered with classic would serve Rose and Deville greatly. Sasha and Bayley then dropping the titles to Rose and Deville would solidify this rising duo and allow them to run full force into the Irresistible Force(s).

With that in mind, I feel like Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan would serve better here to solidify them as the Tag Team of the Riott Squad and continue to drive the Riott Squad’s credibility. This could see Morgan and Logan eventually facing off against Jax and Snuka, or even Rose and Deville. This would also serve to push Ruby Riott into a matchup against Sasha Banks for the Raw Women’s Championship. So this is where things get tricky for this card. You know how I feel, but we can wait to see how the WWE creative teams feel. Don’t forget to sound off int he comments on this, but until then, we take a look at the Smackdown side of things.

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3 Teams From Smackdown Live

As I’ve made clear, the most obvious candidates from the blue brand would be the pair of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. These two are the best candidates to receive a huge push on the back of four of the best to ever do it. These are two stars in the making and I don’t think anyone can deny that. This team could not only serve well against the Bella’a and The Boss and Hug Connection, or against the Irresistible Force(s), but later in the year once they have solidified themselves, they could serve to push Logan and Morgan or even Carmella and Naomi who not only would work as a great team, but seem to be on that track in the recent weeks.

The next team, while not a team yet worthy in the ranks, is an obvious candidate. The Iconics are a team that has already made an “Iconic” foothold. Their inclusion is a no-brainer, but they certainly are not going to be contenders anytime soon. This is due to two very important reasons. Firstly is that they are currently jobbers who have yet to win over the fans outside of Australia. Most importantly however is why they have yet to receive a valid push effort, and that is that they simply are not ready. They could see the next six months as a proving ground against the likes of Morgan and Logan or even Carmella and Naomi quite possibly making them a legitimate contender near the end of the year or early next year. Peyton Royce is already showing her potential in the ring and no doubt has a future in the company. Billie Kay, however, is not ready and needs some significant development in her ring work. That’s not to say they won’t find their flow and eventually carve out a lane for themselves, so not only are they one of Smackdown’s only options, but they do deserve a spot on the chamber. Who knows, this match could help put them over with the fans if they work well enough.

The third team is where things get tricky, as the blue brand doesn’t necessarily have a third developed team. However, Carmella and Naomi are not only both former singles competition champions but their styles, energy, and personas mesh extremely well. I also would like to see R-Truth interacting with the Usos. Imagine the stable the five of them would provide and the amount of entertainment we could see. Instant over. The seeds for pushing them into a team have already been planted with Mandy Rose taking aim at Naomi and even a match that almost happened between Carmella and Sonya Deville. These two teams would not only provide a great run, but both would worthy of holding the gold. I could see this match being the perfect opportunity for Naomi to take aim at Mandy Rose, and would be awfully shocked considering the options on the blue brand if they were not included.

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It’s clear that this match has some options and each move will play largely int the future of the division, but the decisions could either shape it into a mountain or into a molehill. In the next few weeks, the path for these teams will become more clear, but which way do you see the WWE going with this, and how would you do it? Be sure to sound off on this in the comments and don’t forget to Subscribe by Email to stay in the loop on all developments from this division going forward. Follow us on Social Media for exclusive content that you won’t find here and remember to drop that like/rate, and Share to Support.

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