With Charlotte Flair’s and Becky Lynch’s Rivalry hands down being the best storyline in the WWE this year, and a turmoiltuous, yet rewarding turning into the new year, its important for this next chapter to hold up. While Smackdown and the Women’s division have held the WWE up this last year or two, Vinnie Mac’s shakeup could prove faulty or bittersweet.

The Breakdown

To recap, Becky Lynch came to a rise this past Summer Slam when she grew tired of Charlotte’s everlasting opportunities and so, she betrayed their friendship. Tossing aside the lass kicker’s past, Lynch set out on a mission to become ‘The Man’ by any means. With one of the most natural and fan backed heel turns in recent history, and one of the most influential mishaps of all time, Becky and Charlotte wound up spinning right into a clash with Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey. Because Becky was forced into taking some pine for her Survivor Series bout, due after a broken nose and a severe concussion, Charlotte Flair then stepped into the role. In what was on the verge of being one of the biggest disappointments in recent industry history, Charlotte Flair managed to deliver in a way nobody but ‘The Man’ could have.

Still, Becky Lynch taking on Ronda Rousey was made all the more appealing. Since then, Becky has taken large focus on Rousey with heavy Twitter activity, (often involving Charlotte Flair) that has gone far beyond Survivor Series. Lynch has also gone on to make multiple statements regarding her mission for Lynch and Rousey to main event WrestleMania. Now, things seem to be turning in that direction. With TLC’s main event putting over Asuka, (as we discussed would be the proper move) and Rousey’s collision course with Charlotte and Becky coming to a head, the dreams of Lynch and Rousey have never seemed like more of a reality.  Lynch relinquishing the title to put over Asuka, puts her sitting in a prime spot coming into Rumble, to win and take her challenge over to Raw. While that may seem like a perfect move, leaving Charlotte behind for Asuka, anyone watching might notice another option.

A good source told me within the last week or so that despite the booking of the TLC match with Charlotte, Asuka, and Becky Lynch before the Charlotte/Ronda Rousey match at Survivor Series that Charlotte was told that she’d be in the main event of WrestleMania.

According to Jon Fisher of the Oh, You Didn’t Know Wrestling Show, Charlotte was predetermined for the WrestleMania main event since before Survivor Series. Whether this may turn true or not, Nobody can deny Charlotte’s credit to the success of it all, nor can they deny her clear involvement in this dispute, even most recently with a Rousey/Lynch/Flair Twitter dust up. In fact, it could even be considered that Flair has been working her angle since WrestleMania by putting “former” best friend Becky over and in turn Asuka, who she shutdown at WrestleMania. Quid pro quo, and all.

The Analysis

At this point it wouldn’t be too far off to see a Flair/Rousey matchup at WrestleMania, but that would essentially mean ‘The Man’ was correct on Charlotte, and while that may work, it would not prove favorable for the WWE.  Another, and more likely possibility, would be for the McMahons to stay true to their word, and listen to what the fans want. Becky and Ronda at Wrestlemania, Asuka as champ, and new opportunities for the stacked women’s division.  The fact is, that Flair has sold herself for a three way bout with Ronda and Becky at WrestleMania. First Women’s Street Fight anyone?

One thing is for certain. The Authority is clearly pushing these three into one another heading into WrestleMania, and the upcoming months will make or break the “new regime”, and possibly the company as a whole. Starting with Royal Rumble, it’ll be important to watch these four women going forward. One of them will surely win the Royal Rumble and quite possibly reveal to us the bigger picture.

If you ask me, the WWE should go the route of the Triple Threat. These three have stepped up more than any star on the main roster in 2018. Not only have they solidified themselves as the biggest names in the company right now, but they’ve all made Hall of Fame talks out of their draws this year. These three women have not only dominated the women’s division, but they’ve held the company as a whole up.

With little in ring experience, Rousey has served as one of the fastest rising and most consistent performers that the WWE has to offer, and is arguably Raw’s greatest asset.

Charlotte Flair has spent 2018 in the midst of putting over today’s talent solidifying her position as the best in ring performer the WWE has to offer, with several Match of the Year performances including when she ended Asuka’s streak at WrestleMania, as well as, her SummerSlam and Evolution matches with Becky Lynch that propelled the women’s division to new found heights and arguably the reason we are even having this discussion here today. Charlotte also continued her dominate performance through Survivor Series and into TLC. First, against Rousey, and then against Lynch and Asuka. Flair and Lynch faced off in the first Last Women’s Standing match, and then, alongside Asuka, the first Women’s TLC match. Charlotte has also tied Trish Stratus for the most female title reigns, and as of Summer Slam, holds the most PPV wins of any female superstar, ever.

Last, but hardly least, Becky Lynch has undoubtedly been this year’s breakout superstar. By successfully remodeling her character to most impressive results, she has not only seen herself to a second title reign, but has propelled herself to becoming the most over superstar in the WWE. Whenever she steps into the ring, she has the loudest reaction. When ever she makes any public statement she has everyone’s attention. She is the hottest draw they currently have.

Not only have these three women held the WWE up throughout an otherwise largely stagnant year, but anyone who has had a year that any of these three women have had, deserves their legacies cemented at the main event of the grandest stage of them all.

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