If you don’t know what the All Elite Wrestling is, it’s a new wrestling promotion started by the talent and brains behind ALL IN. The Elite’s Cody Rhodes, and The Young Bucks, put together the historic ALL IN event this past September, here in Chicago, which we attended and shot a podcast on. That event, to say the least, was one of the best events of any industry that I have ever attended. Since then, the post-show speech-to-audience teased, ‘Double or Nothing’ sequel event has evolved into an all new promotion funded by Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham F.C. co-owner Tony Khan. Last week The Elite took to their YouTube channel as usual to announce the Double or Nothing event, the Official AEW formation, and the rally here today in Jacksonville. In a rally that was packed full of announcements, antics, and branding, here is what we learned.

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Along with many concepts and creative direction assurances, we also got word on two of the more crucial elements going forward. Talent and Events. The biggest concept for creative direction here was that wins and losses would matter within the effects of creative. How exactly that will play out is yet to be seen. What is now clear is the ALL IN sequel event, Double or Nothing. Double or Nothing was confirmed for May 25th, in Las Vegas, NV. The event will be held at the MGM Grand, and as of right now, a tickets sales date has yet to be announced. Stay tuned for that, because you will want to jump on it immediately as ALL IN previously proved. They also announced an unnamed and undated second show set to take place at an unknown Jacksonville location.

Aside from a tickets sales date, there were some other questions still left unanswered, such as one of the most important factors of the promotion, a network to air on. Now, it’s still early, and with the backing and hype surrounding the promotion, there shouldn’t be an issue securing a partner. Chances are that it’s only a matter of who works best, and no doubt they are already mulling over multiple offers. My guess is that both of these updates will come hand in hand, but the unofficial word right now is that Tony Khan is working his connections and in negotiations with Time Warner for air time on TNT and TBS. Another question left unanswered, and probably my most expected info coming in, was titles. There were no titles announced, leaving no idea as to the structure of this promotion. This, while my biggest gripe, is also not too shocking considering the current roster size. Those decisions will likely be made once they have a better idea of how they can work the talent creatively.

The next biggest news, and arguably the biggest aspect of this promotion, is the talent. Earlier today before the rally, I made a post to my personal Facebook page with an analysis and prediction revolving around this.

It’s pretty much guaranteed now that Kenny Omega will be signing with AEW. Apparently, the offer with WWE is not going to work because of the creative aspect. Go figure. NJPW really wants Kenny still, but Kenny doesn’t want them. He also likely won’t say anything about it until the end of the month when his NJPW contract is officially done with. Another free agent is Chris Jericho. Jericho also dropped the title at Wrestle Kingdom 13 much like Kenny. Also much like Kenny, it sets up for an AEW signing. Jericho however also lined up worked with NJPW in the future on his way out with a promo aiming for the heavyweight title. NJPW has already stated that they want Jericho and would like to make that match happen. The question is, will Jericho resign with NJPW? Taking into consideration Jericho’s friendship with both The Elite and Tony Khan, and their business relations, we would imagine he’s going AEW. My take is that this has been a master plan to accelerate the NJPW into a working relationship with AEW, much like their relationship with ROH. Khan, Jericho, Kenny and the rest of The Elite planned to set up AEW for NJPW with calculated moves the entire time. I believe that they were always meaning to sign AEW, but wanted to work with NJPW at the same time bringing in talent both ways, and international spotlight to AEW. With ROH not wanting to work with the Elite in MSG, backing them for ALL IN may have only been due to their terms with NJPW swaying them into providing the stateside coverage. Especially considering NJPWs hesitance despite their desire to continue the relationship with The Elite, due to their loyalty to Ring of Honor. However, if AEW lures NJPW in sooner than expected, they may also force the hand of ROH.Jack Flowers

As it turns out, I might have been on the right track, as we move deeper into the roster reveals. Starting off, we got confirmation of Elite members like Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Hangman Page, and Brandi Rhodes. While fellow Elite member Marty Scurll wasn’t announced, it’s likely only temporary as he still has some time left on his contract over at Ring of Honor; much like the dilemma of Elite member Kenny Omega, who’s contract with NJPW doesn’t officially end until the end of this month. Other Talent included independent wrestlers Maxwell Jacob Friedman, the trio of So Cal Uncensored, the once was couple of Joey Janela and Penelope Ford, and of course the D.M.D that is Britt Baker; all of which who took part in the historic ALL IN event this past September. All of these performers bring talent, potential, creative drive, and respective followings.

The biggest question in regards of talent potential, however, was whether or not they would be able to bring in talent that the WWE doesn’t already have to match. Basically, what would set the AEW apart as far as talent goes. You can have all of the creative indifference you want, but without the right elements, you vision can only go so far. Well, that question was answered when Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks announced that they would be working with an Oriental Wrestling Entertainment, and more specifically, a tag tam known as ‘The Good Hearts’. Presumably, this would contain members of The Strong Hearts, a rotating and sprawling stable much like the Bullet Club, or former Bullet Clubs’ The Elite. The Strong Hearts promise a whole new level of competition from members Gao Jingjia, Takehiro Yamamura, T-Hawk, and Zachary Wen. Who exactly will be involved is currently unclear,  but Matt describes the action as “nothing he has every seen before”, and a cross between “Cirque Du Soleil, kung-fu, and lucha libre”.

The biggest names to grace the stage however, came at both an amazing shock, and a pleasant expectation of mine. AEW surprised everyone when they brought in another huge superstar in Neville, or Pac as it seems he will be sticking with. Pac, is another WWE superstar that garnished a very large and dedicated audience in NXT, before leaving the WWE due to his dismay with the company and their approach on the main roster, much like Cody Rhodes and the next star on the opening roster. Last, but not least, was none other than Chris Jericho who confirmed his signing to AEW, and essentially progressed my theory stated above. Jericho’s presence does more than speak to Kenny Omega’s status and the minds of The Elite, but it also brings legendary prestige, and certifies the creative staple that the AEW stands to be.

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This concluded the AEW rally in Jacksonville today, before the attendees outside of TIAA Bank Stadium in Jacksonville were granted to meet and greets with the AEW roster. So stay tuned to future announcements and coverage by Following Us on Social Media, or Subscribing to the Website via Email. Don’t forget to hit the comments with your thoughts on everything AEW, and Share to Support.

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